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Plexus Slim is an all-natural weight loss product which promotes weight and fat loss, healthy blood sugar, cholesterol levels, lipid levels and is diabetic friendly.


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Featured Plexus Slim Success Stories

Lynsey Perry sent her Plexus Story to us and we think it is incredible! Read through it below, and feel free to share your Plexus Story with us too! Send it in to!

Plexus Lynsey "I am so THANKFUL for this past year and what it has brought not only my family but so many others!!! January 1st last year [2013] was a life changing day for me and my family, that was the day I bought my first 3 day trial pack. It was also a blessing from God in disguise. You see, on January 2nd I signed up to be a Plexus Ambassador hoping to get my product for free because I KNEW the product worked and could help a few of my friends. Little did I know though that the end of January would bring a shocking life change for not only me, but my family as well.

To give you a little background I worked as a clerk for our local License Bureau here in Sikeston for almost 6 years. In April of 2012, I left our local office to take a pay raise and office manager position at another local office. Things were going great there! I hated the commute everyday but it was worth it! My boss was so great! She made my hours 9-4:15 since I had a 25 minute drive everyday and had to take my kids to school and pick them up. Great right?! Well, end of January 2013 my daughter Zoe' got really sick and had to be hospitalized. After 3 days of her being in the hospital and me having to call in everyday because each day we were hoping she would get released, my boss that was so great before gave me an ultimatum, it was either going to be my daughter or my job. Well, sorry folks, my family is more important than any job so my daughter it was!

What was my saving grace through all of this?! PLEXUS! Ironically enough, the week Zoe' was first sick I Fast Started Gold and because of some customer service issues I had trying to verify my Fast Start, our CEO Tarl Robinson had PERSONALLY called me. While on the phone with Tarl he asked me what my goals were with Plexus and whether or not eventually becoming a stay at home mom was one of those, I laughed and told him I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom but my husband would never let me. God knew what was in store for me and prepared me in a way that day WITHOUT my knowing! That next week was Plexus Payday and on that check was my Fast Start bonus which took care of that income I had lost due to Zoe's illness. I now am a stay at home mom! I NOW HAVE ACHIEVED GOALS I WOULD HAVE NOT EVER SET FOR MYSELF 2 YEARS AGO!

I could write a book, so let me sum up for you February - December in this last paragraph. In February I hit Gold and Sr. Gold rank advancements which totally took care of my Full-Time income I had been earning. April was another big rank advancement, Ruby! In May again, rank advancement to Senior Ruby! June was a big month, CONVENTION! Totally a life changing event there, everyone needs to attend! In August I earned a Plexus Lexus and a trip every year to Maui! Also in August I found out that our family of 4 was becoming a family of 5! October earned a trip to Amelia Island, Florida for Leader's Retreat, and in December I received an awesome Christmas Present from the company, a Plexus Jacket! Throughout these last 12 months I have had acquaintances that have become best friends that are more like family because of our bonds through Plexus. Plus, I now feel like I have a second family of nearly 5,000 team members. This year has been such a blessing, and no, I didn't get through this without shedding a few tears thinking about 'why me?' Picking up my Plexus Lexus this past weekend was a dream come true. This truly would not be possible without my awesome downline and amazing upline! Thank you Plexus for making my ordinary life turn into a life that I can take pride in getting to help others!"

Lynsey Perry

Thanks for sharing your story Lynsey!

Previous Story

We recently received a very touching spotlight nomination (you can send them in to Here is an incredible story from an Ambassador out of Madison, TN:

Plexus Before and After Photo

“My name is Sheri Carpenter and I started my journey with Plexus Slim in April of 2011. In the first 3 months I had dropped over 30 pounds and couldn’t believe how much better I felt. My original goal when I started was to lose 100 pounds in a year. That’s a HUGE goal but in the back of my mind something just kept telling me that if anything could do it, it’s this stuff.

By April of 2012 (one year later) I had dropped 102 pounds and 4 pant sizes! I was beside myself when I actually surpassed my goal. My health was better, I was enjoying life and things with my family were going great.

Now as of May 2013 I have lost a total of 192 pounds, dropped from a size 22 to a 10 and only have 20 more pounds to go to be at my all-time weight loss goal of getting down to 150 pounds (which I haven’t been since I was a junior in high school.) I can’t even begin to tell you how good it feels to not have to look in the plus size section when I go clothes shopping anymore.

Not only was the product helping me get my health back but as an Ambassador the money I was making was helping me to maintain a better lifestyle for my family. I can actually keep up with them now and it feels amazing to have a steady monthly income coming in again as well. I can’t tell you what it feels like to not have to worry about groceries or my lights getting shut off. It’s an amazing feeling.

In the beginning it was kind of tough. It seemed like the Ambassadors around me were having all this success with their business but I just couldn’t seem to get it going. I just knew that if Plexus could help me hit my weight loss goal it could do the same for others. So I just kept on going and steadily it started to pay off. In the past three months my business has grown faster and bigger than it did in the past two years. All the promotion I did over the past two years is really starting to pay off.”

Sheri shared her advice for any other Ambassadors that don’t feel like their business is taking off and her answer was very moving:

“Just keep going. The greatest tragedy is not that you don’t reach your goal but that you quit just before you make it. You never know when things will turn around. Don’t quit before the miracle happens.”

Sheri Carpenter
Gold Ambassador

Thanks for sharing your story Sheri!

Previous Story

We recently received a very touching spotlight nomination (you can send them in to from Emerald Ambassador Sara Marble. She nominated Casey Frawley, a Gold Ambassador from Mobile, Alabama and we just had to share it.

"I am so thrilled to have Casey as a business partner on my team! She is a fun, energetic, and highly motivated team leader that is looking ahead to enormous success!

Ambassador CaseyIn 3 short months she rose to the rank of Gold Ambassador by sharing Plexus with just 1 person every day. As a busy single mom of 3 and business professional with a coordinator position, she is proof that working the business part time is possible! She is an inspiration to me with her driven desire to help all on her team, and since joining our Plexus family has really taken the ball and run with it.

I feel like all I do is congratulate her on a job well done. She is a joy and bright spot on my team! Look out Alabama, here comes Casey's team!"
- Sara Marble

Casey also shared her thoughts on her Plexus Journey so far:
"Anyone who has had kids knows how hard it can be to lose the baby weight. After the birth of my last child I just couldn't get the weight off, and with three kids to take care of plus a full time career I just couldn't find the time for any kind of weight loss plan," Casey said. "I didn't have much to lose at all but it was still frustrating. This whole time my good friend Sara Marble was in my ear saying 'You need to try this Plexus stuff!' Of course, being a skeptical as I am I kept putting it off. Finally last summer I decided to give it a try. I saw the results immediately and just knew I had to be a part of this. I joined as an Ambassador in July 2012 and I am so thankful I did!"

In the few short months since starting with Plexus Casey has lost 23 pounds and her business is steadily growing.

"When I started losing weight people would come to me and ask what I was doing, so I would tell them," Casey said. "The most important thing to me is helping people. I have been able to help so many people lose weight and in turn better their lives. I really get a great feeling of accomplishment from this. Not only do I get to help people but I get paid for it!"

Casey also told us about her "Plexus List":
"I have a list of people ranging from longtime friends to Facebook friends or even people I just meet on a daily basis. I make it a point to talk to at least one person a day from this list and it has really paid off. When I first started with Plexus my commission checks could maybe pay for groceries, now I am almost able to have this as a full time career! I am so glad to be a part of Plexus and so thankful to Sara for introducing me to this opportunity."

One of the top three excuses we hear is "I am too busy." Casey is truly a testament that no matter how busy you are Plexus is possible!

Great job Casey, we all look forward to seeing more great things from your team!


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